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Bill Drury Spey lines

I have used these Speylines for a while now and I have to say I do really like them. There is no "trick" here but I tough just to post small note here how to use the line, because I know there are people who cant get that line work the way it should...and I believe I do know the reason :)
The main thing is when you cast this line make sure you have that black mark inside the line guides, not outside the rod tip!!! You have to bring this mark close to your hand, maybe round half way of the rod. Try to cast that line...
That black mark is not a mark where you should cast!

Also I have never tried any better line in night fishing than Multi-Tip version of this line, what a sweet line to fish. The great thing about it is that you will feel that back mark on your hand, and then you know when to make cast! Works really well...with shooting heads you have to bring the head will notice when the shooting head will hit the rod tip but then you normally have to give some more shooting line out to make a cast...dont like that ;)