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Tube flies

My NEW tubes

This has been my new way of using modern tubes. Why? Well thanks to all manufacturers who has come up with colored cones, tubes, and hooks in fly tying, they have made stuff like this pretty easy to do. First there were FITS tubing from Mr. Frödin that really got these ideas going in my head and probably I´m not the only one..:)

Anyway...the reason for me has been the change to change my fly and its tree most important things when I want. Those are: weight, color, silhouette.

Weight is always crucial, you need to be able to put fly where fish are and sometimes you might generate good change by adding or reducing the weigh on the fly.
Weight is also very important to balancing your fly, this way you have most of the weight in the middle and believe or not these don´t even get tangled!!

Color is also one of those things that I believe will effect how we catch fish.
Imagine you having a box full of wings that are black, brown, grey and orange. Then you just tie
different color butt sections or "half bodies with tails"...How easy it is to change Red Butt to the Green Butt? Very fast and easy.

Silhouette/size, well do I even have to say it...:) size does matter!
Perfect size for all situations...easy as it is.

Pictures 1 Few models that I have used a lot and colors I like.

Picture 2. This will show how the fly has been "rigged" to the leader.
Fly will swim free and it will swim in "right way" all the time.

Picture 3. The wings are tied on strong tubing, this will prevent tube cracking. Tube is very short even on big and longs wings!