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Neil Houlding

Fly-fishing has always been Neil Houlding's life long pursuit. By 18 years of age, Neil's passion for a two-hand rod had already begun to coalesce.
He spent many hours honing his skills on rivers such as the Lune and Ribble not far from his home in Lancashire, England.
Moving to Canada, he continued his pursuit of fishing the fly. His travels have taken him as far as the Gaula River in Norway and the River Spey in Scotland.
Neil is an accomplished Guide, who is also a Certified Casting Instructor/Two Handed Casting Instructor with the Fly Fishing Federation,(F.F.F. C.I./T.H.C.I.) and furthermore, coached the inaugural "World Youth Fly-Fishing Championships" in Wales.
Neil has applied his enthusiasm and ability as a teacher, in both single and two handed casting instruction.
His talents haven't gone unnoticed in the industry. Neil has worked closely with the G. Loomis focus group on the design of their Roaring River Two-hand rod project.