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Hello, my name is Toni Corenius ( former )Karuvaara and I was born in 1975 at Kotka, Finland.
I have lived abroad in the United States and also in Portugal, but currently I have settled in Southern Finland.

Fly Fishing

I grew up living next to the river Langinkoski. I was fascinated with fishing and it soon became my favorite hobby as a young boy. My grandfather, Oiva, took me fishing as a 5 year old lad to the River Kymi. We fished lures and spinning gear, but it was my father who bought me my first fly rod when I was 14 � Kunnan classic graphite 10� #7. I still own the rod. I was hooked on fly fishing from the day my Dad gave me that rod.

I have worked in fishing stores in Helsinki since early 90´s.
I started to work for Guideline Sweden in May 2004. My dear friend and mentor Håkan Norling helped me to get my foot in the door with Guideline and it has given me the rare opportunity to pursue my dream � A career in fly fishing. I was extremely proud to work with Guideline nearly 6 full years. I did resigned from Guideline early 2010.

I worked as a editor for Chasing Silver Magazine for 3 years and resigned from my position in february 2011 to work with Outdoor company called Patagonia.

I did work for Patagonia as sole agent in Finland and Baltics, but did sign new contract on June 1st 2013 with Patagonia and worked as category manager for Patagonia in Europe till end of May 2018 when resigned my position. That time I also covered sales in Finland, Baltics, Sweden and Iceland. ( updated on 9/2018 )

I also work as freelance photographer for my own company Karuvaara Flyfishing.

I have also helped my friend Nick Reygaert run the RISE Flyfishing Film fest in EU and I have been part of his movies, like The Source Iceland.

Fly fishing is my true passion and my personal preferred fishing method. I love that you can never stop learning with a fly rod. I also enjoy the relaxing effect of fishing and spending time with my friends - for most of us, it is our way of life.

In the last 10 years I have been fishing mostly for seat trout and salmon with 2 handed rods, but I still like to fish with single handed rods for trout, grayling, pike and salmon. I'm also very interested in the different styles of casting with a double handed rod. I believe that if you can improve your casting skills, your fishing will be easier and more effective.

Fly tying is an added pleasure that goes hand in hand with fly fishing and fly casting. There is nothing more rewarding than the �smash and grab� take of a big salmon on a fly that you have tied yourself!
I enjoy tying all kinds of flies, but mostly tube flies for salmon and sea trout. I have had the privilege to watch and learn fly tying from the best tube fly tiers in the world - Håkan Norling, Mikael Frödin and Mikael Lindström.


Photography is a very important part of my fishing. I try to shoot lots of pictures in a weeks fishing so I can capture the atmosphere and keep a detailed record of my time spent on the water. My pictures have been published in many different fly fishing magazines around the world and also used as promotional work for companies in this industry.
I have taken several cover shots on different magazines and catalogs.
I believe that photography is also one of those things we can always learn something new, no matter how long or how much we do it.
I use mainly Canon gear now, but still own and love the Nikon gear that I have used before.


I love hunting as much as I do love the fly fishing, very similar sport / lifestyle.
My main focus has been on birds and small game, but also deer stalking.
I use my dogs also on hunting and soon you will find more info about my gundogs on this site.
Hopefully I can also share some nice photos from my hunting trips in future.

I write articles mostly about salmon fishing, fly tying and casting techniques. I began writing for a fly fishing magazine called Perhokalastus and also a sport fishing magazine called Urheilukalastus first time 1994. I worked also as field editor for a fly fishing magazine called Pohjolan Perhokalastaja for few years. My articles has been published in many different magazines around the world, just to mention few Fieldsport, Fly Fishing in Saltwater, Fisch & Fliegen, Fisk & Fri, Alt om Fiske.
Early summer 2008 I was named as editor for fly fishing magazine called Chasing Silver.
It's a new magazine from Finland and we will focus on salmon fishing. Magazine will be printed in english. You can check it out here:

Music and hockey

I enjoy listening to music when I'm tying flies or relaxing at my home. I like old Metallica, In Flames, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Dark Tranquility, Godsmack, Fun Loving Criminals, Neil Young, Santana, Audioslave, and some finnish bands like Children of Bodom, Sentenced, Kotiteollisuus, Viikate and Amorphis.
Those are just a few of the bands I enjoy listening to.

I m also a huge hockey fan. My favorite teams are Philadelphia Flyers and HIFK. Hockey is a brilliant sport.

I really hope that you enjoy my site and find it informative and helpful.
My best wishes and above all, �TIGHT LINES�!

I dedicate this site to my son Elias and for those who helped me in my career. I'm living my dream and loving it. Thank You.